Olade and the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru urge the exhibitors and associated organizations of the Energy Week and SunWorld to strengthen the leadership role of women in the energy sector and avoid any expression of sexist advertising and promotion.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Peru and the Latin American Energy Organization, organizers of the Sun World 2019 and the Fourth Energy Week of Latin America and the Caribbean, urge companies, partner agencies and participants to promote gender equality in their activities scheduled during the aforementioned events trying to highlight the role of women in leadership positions and avoiding all kinds of sexist manifestation included in their advertising and promotion actions.

Sexist advertising and promotion has historically been present in many of the fairs and exhibitions of the energy sector in the region and the rest of the world. These marketing strategies constitute negative elements and signals in terms of gender equality that promote models that reinforce traditionally established stereotypes relegating women from many of the professional and decision-making areas of the sector. In particular, it moves women away from the most prestigious working environment by positioning them in restricted tasks and roles, placing women in an inferior role with respect to men, excluding women from relevant decisions and using their image as an object.

The energy sector is in a transition process which includes a greater commitment at the environmental and social level. Transformation that must also be supported by ethical and responsible leadership. The issues that involve the need to promote gender equity in the energy sector do not escape this transformation, and they are the leaders of the sector, the agents of change that must be fully aware of this need and what are the necessary signals that should be provided to promote real change and enhance the role of women in the energy sector of Latin America and the Caribbean.

OLADE in its 27 Member Countries has addressed the theme to include in the sector policies a vision oriented to gender equality and promoting the role of women in the sector, in that regard many countries in the region have already consistently advanced in this transformation.

Based on the above, the Sun World 2019 Organizers and the IV Energy Week of Latin America and the Caribbean encourage organizations, companies and participants to be proactive in promoting gender equality, particularly avoiding all types of sexist manifestation in its advertising and promotion actions.

OLADE will give public recognition to the organization or company participating in the events that it considers best to have implemented a gender policy in its activities carried out during the week.

The Organizers are grateful for the commitment to this relevant cause.

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