Energy Information Systems

The National Energy Information System – siePaís, is a modern computer tool developed by OLADE, through which statistical, prospective, socioeconomic, legal, and documentary information on the energy sector of the Member Countries of OLADE is integrated, processed, and disclosed. This based on standardized methodologies and concepts that allow the consolidation of information at the national level.

National Energy Information Systems have been implemented in:

OLADE together with its 27 Member Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean provide access to information, free of charge, in terms of economic-energy statistics from the year 1970 to the present. This on issues related to Energy Balances, Greenhouse Gases, Economic – Energy Indicators, Supply and Demand, Prices, Reserves, Potentials and Energy Infrastructure. Similarly, energy legal information regarding legal and institutional frameworks, policies, resolutions, technical norms, bilateral and multilateral treaties, and supranational energy-related regulations will be accessible.

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