Olade App

What is it?

The Latin American Energy Organization (Olade) is pleased to present the application for Energy Statistics of Latin America and the Caribbean. A technological and innovative tool that contains the most relevant energy information of the 27 OLADE Member countries. Just a click away on your mobile device.


It is an agile application for consulting national and regional energy information, which facilitates quick access to relevant and comparative figures.


The Olade APP presents information on the most relevant general demographic, economic and energy characteristics, as well as data on energy supply and demand, electricity generation, installed generation capacity, proven reserves of fossil fuels, Sankey diagrams of the energy balance, and socioeconomic-energy and environmental indicators.


The information provided by the application is presented dynamically through graphs and tables of data corresponding to the last 10 years.


This initiative is part of the “Program for Strengthening Energy Management and Dissemination for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean”. This project is financially supported by the Inter-American Development Bank.


The application is available to public and private companies in the energy sector, national and international organizations, universities, researchers, students, the media and the general public.


Olade in its constant interest to innovate its channels of consultation and dissemination of statistical energy information, invites you to interact and download this application through different virtual stores, and interact in this innovative tool that is a reference material for consultation at the service of the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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