Member Countries


Energy Secretariat – Ministry of Economy

Energy Authority: Secretary Darío Martinez
National Coordinator: Guillermo Adolfo Usandivaras
Alternate Coordinator: Santiago López Osornio
Membership Date: January 21, 1985


Ministry of Energy and Business Development

Energy Authority: Minister Kerrie Symmonds M.P.
National Coordinator: Andrew Gittens
Alternate Coordinator–
Membership Date: October 24, 1975


Ministry of Public Utilities, energy logistics and e-gobernance

Energy Authority: Minister Michel Chebat
National Coordinator: Ryan Cobb
Alternate Coordinator: –
Membership Date: May 2010


Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Franklin Molina Ortiz
National Coordinator: Álvaro Hernán  Arnez
Alternate Coordinator: –
Membership Date: March 12, 1974


Ministry of Mines and Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Adolfo Sachsida
National Coordinator: André Luiz Rodrigues Osório
Alternate Coordinator: Gustavo Santos Masili
Membership Date: May 30, 1974


Ministry of Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Claudio Huepe Minoletti
National Coordinator: –
Alternate Coordinator: –
Membership Date: June 15, 1974


Ministry of Mines and Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Diego Mesa Puyo
National Coordinator:
Alternate Coordinator: Gabriela Gutiérrez Morales
Membership Date: February 2, 1976

Costa Rica

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Franz Tattenbach Capra
National Coordinator: Laura Lizano Ramón
Alternate Coordinator:–
Membership Date: September 4, 1975


Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment

Energy Authority: Minister Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz
National Coordinator: Janet Fernández Padilla
Alternate Coordinator: Roberto Smith Hernández
Membership Date: August 17, 1974


Ministry of Energy and Mines

Energy Authority: Minister Xavier Vera Grunauer
National Coordinator:-
Alternate Coordinator:-
Membership Date: January 18, 1974

El Salvador

General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications

Energy Authority: Superintendent Manuel Ernesto Aguilar Flores
National Coordinator: Francisco Quintanar
Alternate Coordinator: Wilfredo Hernández
Membership Date: June 29, 1979


Ministry of finance, economic development, physical development and energy

Energy Authority: Minister Gregory Bowen
National Coordinator: Mike Sylvester
Alternate Coordinator: Terah Antoine
Membership Date: February 6, 1980


Ministry of Energy and Mines

Energy Authority: Minister Alberto Pimentel Mata
National Coordinator: Manuel Arita Sagastume
Alternate Coordinator:.
Membership Date: April 30, 1979


Energy Authority:  Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips
National Coordinator: Mahender Sharma
Alternate Coordinator: —
Membership Date: February 13, 1974


Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications

Energy Authority: Minister Rosemond Pradel
National Coordinator: *
Alternate Coordinator: Claude Prepetit
Membership Date: July 6, 1976


Secretary of Energy

Energy Authority: Energy  secretary of state Erick Tejada
National Coordinator: Gloria Alvarenga
Alternate Coordinator: –
Membership Date: October 16, 1974


Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology

Energy Authority: Minister Daryl Vaz
National Coordinator: Carol Palmer
Alternate Coordinator: Denise Tulloch
Membership Date: January 25, 1974


Energy Secretariat

Energy Authority: Secretary Rocío Nahle García
National Coordinator: Velvet Rosemberg Fuentes
Alternate Coordinator: Jorge Moyo Rodríguez
Membership Date: February 6, 1975


Ministry of Energy and Mines

Energy Authority: Minister Salvador Mansell Castrillo
National Coordinator: Salvador Mansell Castrillo
Alternate Coordinator:
Membership Date: March 3, 1980


National Energy Secretariat – Mynistry of the Presidency

Energy Authority: Secretary Jorge Rivera Staff
National Coordinator: Guadalupe González
Alternate Coordinator: —
Membership Date: December 20, 1974


Ministry of Public Works and Communications

Energy Authority: Minister Arnoldo Wienz Durksen
National Coordinator: Carlos Zaldivar Villalba
Alternate Coordinator:.
Membership Date: August 28, 1975


Ministry of Energy and Mines

Energy Authority: Minister Alessandra Gilda Herrera Jara
National Coordinator: Juan Antonio Aguilar
Alternate Coordinator: David Arias
Membership Date: June 3, 1974

Dominican Republic

Ministry of Energy and Mines

Energy Authority: Minister Antonio Almonte Reynoso
National Coordinator: Gustavo Mejía-Ricart
Alternate Coordinator: Natalia Polanco
Membership Date: July 1, 1974


Ministry of Natural Resources

Energy Authority: Minister David Abiamofo
National Coordinator: Sifra Thijm – Fraser
Alternate Coordinator: Dave Abeleven
Membership Date:

Trinidad and Tobago

Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

Energy Authority: Minister Stuart Young
National Coordinator: Penelope Bradshaw-Niles
Alternate Coordinator: Timmy Baksh
Membership Date: January 31, 1974


Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining

Energy Authority: Minister Omar Paganini
National Coordinator: Fitzgerald Cantero Piali
Alternate Coordinator: Guillermo Ferrer
Membership Date: November 4, 1974


Ministry of the Popular Power of Petroleum

Energy Authority: Minister Tareck el Aissami
National Coordinator:Ronny Rafael Romero Rodríguez
Alternate Coordinator: Joelmi F. Pérez Ramírez
Membership Date: January 22, 1976

Country Permanent Observer


Ministry of Energy

Energy Authority: Minister Mustapha Guitounin
National Coordinator: Smail Moussi
Alternate Coordinator: Amor Nedjai
Membership Date: July 9, 2001

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