Natural gas as a strategy to develop markets in the region and thus accelerate the decarbonisation of the regional energy matrix

The highest authorities representing the Latin American Energy Organization and the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (GECF), Alfonso Blanco and Yury P. Sentyurin, respectively, led the virtual session on the morning of June 9, 2020 on data and statistics, an activity carried out within the framework of the agreement between Olade and GECF.

The Secretary General of the GECF, Yury P. Sentyurin, mentioned being proud of this alliance with Olade that has allowed to increase the level of analytical and research work since 2018, the year in which the agreement was signed during the 18th GECF Ministerial Meeting that was carried out with its Member Countries.

In his speech, the Executive Secretary of Olade, Alfonso Blanco, said that there are 4 countries that are part of the GECF and Olade, and other countries that have natural gas resources in their energy matrix. For this reason, an appropriate strategy to increase the introduction of natural gas in the region has been identified as part of the decarbonization of the region.

“There are several countries that have problems in the commercialization of natural gas, due to changes in global markets. Part of the strategy is to develop regional markets and interconnections,” mentioned the Executive Secretary.

Given this scenario, he took the example of Brazil, which is using enough resources in natural gas, but which does not have the internal market to use all the natural gas they will be producing in the near future.

Regarding Argentina, this country has the resources of Vaca Muerta that can generate possible exports to Chile, a country that decreased imports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with the two regasification plants it has in the Pacific.

In the case of Ecuador, it was reported that efforts are being made to introduce natural gas into the energy matrix, to reduce the use of petroleum derivatives in electricity generation.

“In the Central American and Caribbean regions there is a market to replace the supply of oil.”

In this regard, the Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, indicated that part of his management plan in Olade, focuses on the strategy of developing natural gas markets in the region and thus accelerate the decarbonisation of the regional energy matrix, through the increase in its use.

He is convinced that the joint effort made by the GECF and Olade is to promote the development of natural gas markets and thus provide producer countries with the possibility of greater stability in the markets for their natural resources. For which he considers to be the opportunity to work together for the integration of natural gas in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He also stressed the effort made by Olade to share information from the sector, since it is the official repository of energy information in the region, which is available for use by the GECF. As well as the harmonization made to the information systems with international standards.

The Director of Studies, Projects and Information of Olade, Andrés Schuschny and David Delgado consultant of the Organization, who also presented the main products that Olade makes in connection with the Energy Information System of Latin America and the Caribbean (sieLAC) also participated in the virtual session. In this space, they described the details about the data collection processes that the Organization carries out in collaboration with its Member Countries.

Additionally, they presented the general guidelines of the methodological harmonization process carried out by the Organization, emphasizing the treatment given to the production and consumption of Natural Gas.

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