The adaptation measures in the pilot basin of the Plurinational State of Bolivia were discussed in Cochabamba-Bolivia.

The adaptation measures for the pilot basin of the Plurinational State of Bolivia was the topic of the workshop held on September 24 and 25, 2018, in Cochabamba-Bolivia. This activity was developed within the framework of the project “Vulnerability to climate change and its adaptation measures of the hydroelectric systems of the Andean countries”, executed by Olade with IDB’s funding.

Disseminating the partial results of the project's progress and discussing the most appropriate adaptation measures for the Corani and Santa Isabel hydroelectric power plants were the objective topics discussed during the workshop, which was attended by representatives of the Bolivian Ministry of Energy, the ENDE-CORANI Corporation and the National Load Dispatching Committee (CNDC). This working day was coordinated by one of Olade's technicians, Fabio García and Volker Frank, representing the consulting consortium Tecnalia.

The rest of the participants were present through Olade's virtual training platform, capevLAC.

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