OLADE’s Executive Secretary meets with Ambassadors of Brazil and Cuba in Ecuador

The Executive Secretary of OLADE, Alfonso Blanco, held meetings on February 15 and 16, 2018 with the Ambassadors of Brazil and Cuba in Ecuador, Carlos Alfredo Lazary Teixeira and Rafael Dausá Céspedes, respectively. The meeting that was a good opportunity to introduce to the new Director of Integration, Access and Energy Security of OLADE, José Medardo Cadena of Ecuadorian nationality. During this meeting the Executive Secretary mentioned the important results for the region arising from the XLVII Meeting of Ministers of Olade, which took place last December in Buenos Aires-Argentina, in the framework and as the central theme of the Week of energy.

The direct dialogue, which in this case was carried out with the diplomatic representatives of two Member Countries of the Organization, constitutes the best space to articulate Olade's work with the needs and priorities of the region, in terms of energy.    This initiative that becomes a new style of management,  seeks to rescue and project the technical role of OLADE, for the benefit of the Member Countries, their governments and the population in general.

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