DTO 2019/008 Pobreza energética en América Latina y el Caribe. Una propuesta de indicadores que midan el acceso a la energía con enfoque de desigualdad social y de género.

The objective of this document is to propose indicators from the social inequality and gender approach that account for access, use or consumption of energy, based on the review of statistical sources available in the Latin American and the Caribbean, selecting at least 10 countries, where the subregions of South America, Central America and Mexico, and the Caribbean are represented. The report contains a final proposal of 5 indicators for each approach, selected from a more extensive initial list of 19 indicators designed to meet the condition of measuring equal access of men and women to energy services, which were the subject of a purification taking into account criteria of conceptual clarity and technical feasibility, at least in a first approximation. It was sought that the indicators allowed to make visible achievements or advances, as well as the comparison between countries of the region in terms of reducing the gaps in access to energy between men and women, and between population groups identified according to the dimensions of social inequality. (Available only in Spanish)

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