Project to improve energy statistics capacities in the Caribbean


To improve the technical capacities for the management, compilation and presentation of energy statistics in 5 Caribbean countries: Belize, Granada, Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname.

Beneficiary countries

Belize, Granada, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname

Multilateral support

Outstanding results

– Analysis of the institutional and regulatory energy framework in each beneficiary country.

– Training officials in the management and planning of energy statistics.

– Develop national energy information systems for each beneficiary country.

– Training Energy Information and Planning Units capable of producing energy balance reports in each beneficiary country.

– Provide tools for energy prospective for each beneficiary country.

Final products

  • Workshop on energy statistics management and planning in the five beneficiary countries.
  • Capacity building in the energy balance development methodologies in the 5 beneficiary countries.
  • National Energy Information Systems: sieBELIZE, sieGRENADA, sieGUYANA, sieJAMAICA and sieSURINAME.

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