The RELAC initiative was presented at the United Nations High-Level Energy Dialogue

On September 24 , 2021, the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade) participated in the RELAC event: An Energy compact to promote renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean, held parallel to the High-Level Dialogue on Energy summit.

At the event, high authorities of the energy sector of RELAC member countries shared the motivations that have led them to be part of the initiative, as well as the process they have undertaken to establish national goals, progress and plans to contribute to the regional goal.

Olade, through the executive secretary, Alfonso Blanco , invited all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to join the RELAC initiative.

“We thank the IDB’s work as RELAC’s Technical Secretariat and the leading countries that have promoted RELAC for its acceptance by the United Nations as an Energy Compact. Congratulations on the achievement.”

He stated that Olade joined the RELAC initiative early on because we sensed that it would be a powerful initiative that would enable “our region to consolidate its leadership in the field of clean energy on a global level.”

“The RELAC initiative, as an Energy Compact of the United Nations, is becoming recognized worldwide. And, the 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that have joined the initiative are becoming drivers of the definitive change of the matrix in our region,” stressed Olade’s Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco.

Currently RELAC has 12 member countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Likewise, the Secretary pointed out that “renewable energies in our region are more than a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” He emphasized what the ministers and vice ministers mentioned: “renewables are the engine of economic development and job creation. They help us to consolidate innovation, stimulate technology transfer, increase financing for new projects and strengthen training.”

“None of this is possible without a strong commitment from countries and institutions to promote and stimulate international cooperation. Olade will always be at the disposal of its member countries to strengthen cooperation and assist them in the development of a clean, reliable and transparent energy system.”

Among the attending authorities participated: Mauricio Claver-Carone, president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Selwin Hart and the special advisor to the UN Secretary General on climate issues.

What is RELAC and what are its objectives?

In the midst of this great challenge, RELAC emerges as a platform for climate action, designed to strengthen the political will for energy transition and to channel international technical assistance in a coordinated manner. RELAC was born at the end of 2019 at the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, initially with the leadership of Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.

The initiative has grown and strengthened, and today it has 12 member countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. RELAC is a unique initiative in the context of LAC. It is the first time that a group of countries in the region have voluntarily agreed to promote renewable energies with: (1) a specific goal at the regional level; (2) a robust monitoring scheme and (3) an operating structure designed to support countries in the process.

Source: IDB

Here is the complete transmission of the session: RELAC: Boost to Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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