National Energy Information Systems sieCountry


To strengthen the capacities of management, administration, storage, processing and dissemination of statistical, prospective, legal and documentary information on the energy sector in OLADE Member countries through the implementation of National Energy Information Systems.

Beneficiary countries

Belize, Guyana, Grenada, Suriname, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Brazil

Multilateral support

Outstanding results

The National Energy Information System

– sieCountry, integrates, processes, and disseminates statistical, prospective, socioeconomic, legal, and documentary information on the energy sector of the OLADE Member Countries, based on standardized methodologies and concepts that allow the consolidation of the information at the national level.

– The human resources of the beneficiary countries will strengthen their capacities for the administration, storage and processing of statistical information, both in technical fields and in other aspects that influence the energy sector, automating current systems with modern tools and enhancing the information management and energy planning models available in the country.

– In the process of implementing the system, the countries will harmonize the methodology for preparing energy balances, according to the International Recommendations on Energy Statistics (IRES) of the United Nations, with the objective that the country’s energy information manages concepts internationally standardized, promoting comparability at the regional and global levels.

-Automatic obtention of the National Energy Balance based on the country’s own methodology. As well as Greenhouse Gas emissions.

-Formulation of indicators and their automatic calculation by combining economic, social, energy and environmental information, enhancing the analysis of the sector and providing better elements for planning.

-Registration of historical series for the most important variables of the energy sector, from which trend behaviors can be established, the causes of changes in the composition of the energy matrix can be identified, as well as the perspective of the future behavior of the sector.

-Massive data entry for annual or monthly historical series for the different themes conceptualized in the system through Excel spreadsheets or online forms, through the selection of multidimensional criteria and the loading of data through the internet.

-Consult data classified by subject through the definition of various search criteria, the results of which can be presented through tables, graphs and infographics and exported to different formats: Excel and pdf.

– Once the implementation of the National Information Systems is completed, each country will be able to continue using the tools provided by OLADE to support decision-making and the development of energy planning in their country.

– OLADE provides accommodation to Information Systems for countries that have implemented their system and do not have their own technological infrastructure.

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