Latin American and Caribbean Energy Information System (sieLAC)


To promote technical cooperation, the exchange and dissemination of statistical, legal and documentary information on the energy sector and make available to the authorities and the general public, a regional platform with the most relevant information from the Olade Member Countries..

Beneficiary countries

Olade’s 27 Member Countries

Multilateral support

Outstanding results

-Updated energy information of Olade’s 27 Member Countries; subregionally and regionally consolidated in the areas of: prices, reserves, supply demand, energy infrastructure, economy, environment, indicators and world information.

– Registers official information, which is provided through the focal points (sieLAC advisers), designated by the Ministries / Secretariats of Energy or entities related to the sector.

– The sieLAC becomes a source of information and a point of reference for the different decision makers in the public and private sector, academia, investors, international agencies and consultants.

– It offers tools for the analysis of information such as data visualizers and infographics, which show the historical and energy behavior by country, subregion and region.

– Higher level of harmonization of energy statistics aligned with international recommendations.

– Strengthening capacities in the collection, processing and analysis of data in the region, through the execution of workshops and face-to-face or virtual work meetings.
– Cooperation with International Agencies for the exchange of information.

Final products

  • Regional Energy Platform that integrates and processes the statistical, legal and documentary information of Olade’s 27 Member Countries, based on standardized methodologies that allow the comparison of the energy sector at the national, subregional and regional levels.
  • Staff trained in the methodologies developed by Olade for the collection and processing of energy information.
  • Standardized data collection forms.
  • Energy Statistics Manual
  • Access to sieLAC is free from the following link:

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