Improving, Increasing and Facilitating Access to Renewable Energy (RE) Education and Training (E&T) in Latin-America (LA).


To improve education and training in solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy in the region through the implementation of face-to-face, virtual courses and webinars; the strengthening of demonstration centers for renewable energy through the provision of specialized computer software and equipment; and the establishment of a knowledge network in the region that allows the exchange of information and knowledge regarding renewable energy.

Beneficiary countries

Argentina, Peru, Uruguay.

Apoyo multilateral

Outstanding results

– Evaluation of the capacity needs assessment for training in the region for wind energy and solar energy.

– List of education and training programs in renewable energy in the region.

– Analysis of existing curricula in wind energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.

– Installation and commissioning of an 11 kWp on-grid photovoltaic solar plant at the UTEC headquarters in the city of Durazno.

– Implementation of 9 online courses and webinars on renewable energy for the region.

Final products

  • Implementation of a knowledge network on renewable energy in the region.
  • Installation of equipment and software specialized in renewable energy in the Demonstration Centers of the participating universities: Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC), University of Buenos Aires of Argentina (UBA) and National University of Engineering of Peru.
  • Implementation of 6 online courses as preparation for the Train the Trainer programs on solar thermal energy, photovoltaic solar energy and wind energy, which will be taught for Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.
  • Implementation of at least 2 Executive Development Programs for officials of the energy sector of the LAC countries.
  • Implementation of at least 7 studies programs online on different subjects relevant to the energy sector.
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