The workshop on the integration of renewable energies and regional interconnections in South America was held in Chile

Olade participated in the international workshop “The Integration of renewable energies and regional interconnections in South America,” with the attendance of its Director of Studies, Projects and Information, Andrés Schuschny, on September 5 and 6, 2018 in Chile at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean venue (ECLAC - UN).

The main pillar of this workshop was to unite efforts to allow a massive participation of renewable energies and to work for the integration of electricity markets in South America, through debates on the current challenges and opportunities in this region with respect to regional integration and reviewing the experience and lessons learned from Europe.

The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Chile, Susana Jiménez, participated in the workshop and referred to the progress in energy integration with neighboring countries. In her speech, she expressed “Chile's will is to advance in interconnection with our South American region, thus reversing the reality of being the least interconnected zone in the world.”

She also mentioned that “the strengthening of our national electrical system will allow us in the future to open the door to the Andean regional market, through the Andean Electrical Interconnection System, SINEA, which unites our ministries of Energy of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, as well as Bolivia as an observer.”

The Director of Studies, Projects and Information of Olade, Andrés Schuschny, in addition to commenting on the activities currently being carried out by the Organization, presented the situation, perspectives, challenges and opportunities of sub-regional energy integration.

This space was also propitious to deal with the issue of climate change, energy/water co-optimization and the associated socio-environmental problems. As well as to review the international experience in the withdrawal of thermal generators, considering possible strategies for their implementation in South America.

Thus, this meeting was conceived as an occasion of dialogue and work of the stakeholders who have in their hands, the opportunity to achieve the insertion of renewable energy in South America and an energy interconnection at the regional level.

The event was organized by SERC Chile, the National Electricity Coordinator, the Corfo Solar Committee and the support of the Energy Centers of the Universities of Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Católica, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Energy.

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