The 2018 Energy Statistics Week began with the Workshop on the Harmonization of Energy Balances Methodology

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, at the OLADE’s headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, the Energy Statistics Week began, with the inauguration of the Methodological Harmonization Workshop on Energy Balances, an activity that was attended by Alberto Levy , Lead Energy Specialist of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Duncan Millard, Director of the Energy Data and Training Center of the International Energy Agency (IEA), and technical delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

This day began with the welcome remarks addressed by the Executive Secretary of OLADE Alfonso Blanco, to the group of attendees. It was a space where he commented on the development process of the Program for the Strengthening of Management and Dissemination of Energy Information for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, a program that began to be structured halfway through last year.  "With this project we are aiming at three fundamental aspects: improving the infrastructure of the information systems bases, identifying the existing gaps in the OLADE's information systems and in each country, and the harmonization of the systems. In this way, we can share a methodology that in the long term will allow us to fully converge",  said the Executive Secretary, referring to the need to solve specific problems of each country in terms of information systems, providing them with applications that will greatly facilitate the processing of data acquisition in the different countries.

The Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, also highlighted the orientation towards a more modern conception, at the time of providing support to the countries.  He also stated that the content of this workshop will contribute to generating dialogues at the level of highly qualified work teams in the area of information systems, in order to identify the countries that are most advanced in internal data acquisition processes, and those countries that have not been able to comply with these previous steps in their systems process improvement.

At the end of his speech, the Executive Secretary thanked Alberto Levy of the IDB and Duncan Millard of the IEA for their contribution to this consensus on information systems for the region.

For his part Alberto Levy of the IDB, thanked OLADE for the invitation and stressed that "this type of activities are fundamental in advancing our countries to have a much more efficient, effective and more competitive energy sector".

Duncan Millard of the IEA, mentioned the importance of working together with OLADE and the countries in this project, which has the common objective of managing energy information.

Yuichiro Torikata of the International Energy Forum (IEF) was also present among the attendees. Together with the delegates from the countries, they were invited to generate a valuable dialogue to clearly identify the existing gaps in the region and the mechanism to converge in the same system.

Supplementary data

-Currently, OLADE, through its information systems, reports a periodicity of A-1, that is, with information from the previous year, which is more timely than that presented by other international organizations.

-OLADE's information migration processes are currently being uploaded to a cloud. This facilitates the feeding and consultation of information from its Member Countries and, in general, from the world energy community.

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