Olade promotes and supports South-South cooperation: Chile – Uruguay

The Ministry of Energy of Chile, as part of the cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay (MIEM), organized the 2nd National Conference of Energy Communes and the Workshop on Gender and Local Energy Equity. Events in which Olade promotes and supports the South-South cooperation initiative: Chile - Uruguay. This time through the participation of the consultant Byron Chiliquinga, who attended the meetings on June 13 and 14, 2018 in Santiago de Chile.

The 2nd National Day of Energy Communes included six technical panels on financing mechanisms; energy in public infrastructure; citizen energy; innovation and trends in local energy issues; climate change from a local dimension; and energy awareness and education.

During this event, Olade provided technical information on experiences obtained in Latin America and the Caribbean associated with financing private companies that have corporate social responsibility programs; sustainability methodologies in rural electrification projects; and virtual training modalities.

Byron Chiliquinga, Olade's consultant, made a presentation on the Gender and Energy Guide during the Workshop on Gender and Local Energy Equity, which is structured around four components: gender and energy; gender mainstreaming in energy policies; gender mainstreaming in organizations and institutions; and gender mainstreaming in energy projects.

Additionally, this space was the opportunity to provide information on the Gender and Energy activities developed by Olade, which focus on training, technical assistance, case studies, the formulation of gender indicators and access to energy.

As a main point, Olade's experiences in incorporating gender into rural electrification projects carried out in the region were highlighted. In this space the video of the Batzchocolá Project in rural areas of Guatemala was presented.

This meeting was important to make available to the attendees the technical capacity of Olade to strengthen their work teams through the Gender and Energy Guide and the methodology of service to isolated communities.

It was also suggested that the Ministry of Energy of Chile and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay use the tools available to Olade to facilitate South-South cooperation in the exchange of experiences and training.

These events were attended by around 100 participants from officials from the Chilean municipalities that are part of the Energy Communes Program, specialists from the country's Ministry of Energy and representatives of the MIEM in Uruguay.

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