Olade completes implementation of Inclusive Rural Energization Project

During December 2017, Olade formally handed over the productive projects in Bolivia to the local communities of El Espino, El Carmen and Itayovai in Charagua Norte. This is a pilot initiative, funded by the Canadian Cooperation, whose objective is to implement the Rural Energization Project Management Methodology with Inclusion of Social Variables and Corporate Social Responsibility.

This initiative was supported by the Vice-Ministry of Energy Development of the Plurinational State of Bolivia; the company PLUSPETROL through its CSR projects; the Municipality of the Indigenous Native Government of Charagua; the members of the Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG) Charagua Norte, the Communal Captains and all the involved members of the local communities.

The productive ventures were equipped with photovoltaic panels provided by the project, which benefit poultry farms that sell their products to businesses in the region. Previously, there were no poultry farms in the Charagua region, so unmet demand is widespread, and these projects are intended to facilitate the economic sustainability of long-term projects. In this way, the Municipality of the Indigenous Government of Charagua has also been motivated to direct other productive ventures that allow the sustainable development of the region.

The productive processes of the farms comply with the regulations established by the Health Entity of Bolivia, which facilitates the access of the products to the market, with full safety and quality. The production of the chickens is organic because they are produced without the use of chemicals or additives. In addition, the waste is processed in a developed treatment plant.

The 3 farms implemented are managed by women. This decision was taken by the members' assembly and is related to the local population of Guaraní origin, which has a very complete organizational system in which women have wide representation. The women's group running the farms were trained in administration, project marketing and by a zoo technician in charge of farm production management.

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