Olade and the Andean Parliament advance in the development of an energy efficiency regulatory framework

In compliance with the work agenda planned between OLADE and the Andean Parliament for the year 2020, structured on the basis of the inter-institutional cooperation framework agreement that both instances have been in execution since 2014, a draft framework law, directed to promote Energy Efficiency in the Andean subregion, is under development.

As part of the points included in the agenda of the ordinary session of the Third Commission on Regional Security, Sustainable Development, Sovereignty and Food Security of the Andean Parliament, on Monday, August 24, 2020, OLADE’s Legal Advisor, Tatiana Castillo, presented to the Andean parliamentarians: Mariano González for the Republic of Peru (President of the Commission), Asbley Fernández for the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Alejandro García-Huidobro for the Republic of Chile, Germán Darío Hoyos for the Republic of Colombia and Fausto Cobo for the Republic of Ecuador, the structural scheme of the draft Energy Efficiency Regulatory Framework, aimed at “… constituting a general framework of preferential application that acts as a dynamic element of Energy Efficiency in the Andean subregion, by defining a common methodology that, taking as a basis the principles established in the policies and laws of the Member States of the Andean Parliament, establishes a guide for the preparation and implementation of guidelines, plans and regulatory frameworks for the efficient use of energy at the national level with regional projection, with a view to increasing energy security by guaranteeing the population permanent, affordable, safe, timely and reliable access to energy products and services. This, through the consolidation of an Energy Efficiency culture that impacts all energy subsectors, thus facilitating economic growth, social progress and productive competitiveness with intergenerational environmental responsibility.”

At the end of the presentation, the parliamentarians of the Third Commission of the Andean Parliament expressed their gratitude to OLADE for its permanent technical support in addressing projects related to energy, stated the importance of Energy Efficiency for the development of the Andean subregion and highlighted the excellent results obtained through joint work with OLADE, materialized in two approved regulatory frameworks (sustainable energy development and classification of energy crimes) and one under development.

As a result of the session, it was agreed to carry out in the parliamentary session in September, the analysis and debate of the final document of the proposal in order to obtain its approval, if possible in the next plenary.

Additionally, the proposal was launched to hold a Seminar on Energy Efficiency Regulatory Framework with OLADE in person at the Andean Parliament Headquarters in Bogotá, if possible in mid-2021.

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