The Permanent Secretariat invites States and Organizations to join Olade as Permanent Observers or Non-Full Members

Olade, through Ministerial Decision XLVIII/D/541 of the Meeting of Ministers held in Montevideo-Uruguay on December 13, 2018, approved the Regulation for the Incorporation of Permanent Observers and Non-Full Members into OLADE; instrument that establishes the requirements, procedures, principles, norms and criteria that regulate the admission, incorporation and participation of these categories in OLADE.

This regulation is based on the need to establish joint coordination actions with other governmental instances, in matters of mutual interest with OLADE. Additionally, it regulates the organization's vision of openness to the contribution and participation of third parties with interests in the region.

Categories and benefits

The denomination of Permanent Observer; it refers to a category of connection to OLADE granted to a State or organization that formally integrates OLADE with voice and without vote in the decision making and preferential and permanent participation in the sessions of its governance bodies, with access to certain benefits in the organization by setting an annual contribution.


Direct access to focal points and high authorities of the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean through the national coordination of OLADE in each of its 27 Member Countries.

Voice in a scope of direct discussion with the highest authorities of the sector, through direct participation in the Council of Experts and Meetings of Ministers of Energy that the organization performs in person and periodically, with excellent power of call and results, among others.

Non-Full Member; it constitutes a temporary category of connection to OLADE granted to a State that complies with the requirements established in the Lima Agreement to join the organization as a Member Country, that is in the process of joining and ratifying the constituent treaty of OLADE. The State interested in this category must be geographically located in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Facilities for the granting and/or acquisition of cooperation lines, fund management and financing of projects and programs within the scope of action of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Benefits in terms of training, through the provision of training platforms and capacity building, aimed at institutional improvement, among others by OLADE.

The Executive Secretary of OLADE, Alfonso Blanco, invites States and institutions to join our organization and support the development of the energy sector in the region, considering that the current conditions of the energy transition, as well as the availability of conventional and unconventional resources, constitute opportunities for the entrepreneurship of synergies between States and organizations linked to the energy sector, with a view of establishing and consolidating spaces for dialogue.

Data from the Latin American Energy Organization

The Organization is currently the only regional body with direct representation from energy ministers, from 27 Member Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, with a rapid expansion to the 33 that make up the region.

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