OLADE was present at the Regional Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Latin America

OLADE participated during the Regional Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Latin America, which took place in Quito -Ecuador in August and September 2017. This dialogue was supported by GIZ, UNDP, the Ministry of the Environment Ecuador, UNCCS, NDC Partnership, CCAP and the Alliance for Transparency in the Paris Agreement.
OLADE's specialist consultant, Jorge Asturias, set out important criteria on the objectives and goals to be incorporated by the countries of the region with regard to renewable energy and energy efficiency, which are key factors in government policies, to meet the agenda of the climate change agreement with the Paris Agreement.
Within the framework of Climate Change, OLADE is currently developing a study on Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Measures of Hydroelectric Systems in the Andean Countries. This study will allow the definition of adaptation scenarios for NDCs in the region, since most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean place conditions on their contributions to climate financing, which allows the design of more ambitious scenarios for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Additional data
OLADE's contributions to climate change are:
-Capacity building with virtual courses, executive programs, NAMAcademy e-learning, networking and dissemination of  information.
-The development of appropriate national mitigation actions with several NAMA’s proposals in the region.
-Low carbon development strategies with energy planning
-Support for adaptation strategies in the energy sector.

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