Dialogues on the energy sector in Ecuador and promoted by the Institute of the Americas, took place

The Institute of the Americas, in coordination with the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador, developed the Round Table of Energy in Ecuador called: Sustainable Development in a Country with Abundant Renewable and Non-Renewable Natural Resources. This event took place in the city of Quito-Ecuador, on July 25, 2019. Regional Integration and the Role of Natural Gas was the panel where the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade), Alfonso Blanco, participated.
The opening ceremony was in charge of the Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador, Carlos Pérez; Olade's Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco; and the president of the Institute of the Americas, Theodore Gilored III.

In his speech, the Executive Secretary mentioned the importance of integrating, in a harmonized way, the activity of the public and private sectors; for this reason, he explained that Olade promotes these type of dialogues throughout the region so that they are present in the discussion of each country.

“There are countries that are more advanced in our region and that have somehow managed to be pioneers in the adoption of new technologies and business models. Our agency has the ability to interact the acquired experiences between the different countries. With the purpose that through this learning process, those who are initiating specific actions can learn and not make the same mistakes. From Olade we have institutionality built so that it is strengthened and maintained in the long term so that, through it, the energy sector takes off and grows to attract investments and a positive runoff throughout our entire economy”. Pointed out the Executive Secretary of OLADE, Alfonso Blanco.

The Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador, Carlos Pérez, reported that Ecuador has substantially improved in spot oil sales. “These efforts are contributing to increase the oil production of the country that today borders 545 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. Our goal is to reach 580 thousand barrels of oil per day by 2021".

For his part, Theodore E. Gildred III, president of the Institute of the Americas, said “our work promotes better public policies and better understanding of energy issues in the countries of the Americas. With a presence for 35 years, through energy and sustainability programs, we encourage dialogue between the public and private sectors to promote development ”.

The Executive Secretary of Olade, Alfonso Blanco, in his speech during the panel: Regional Integration and the Role of Natural Gas, said that he is convinced that bilateralism scales to multilateral integration scenarios, but it is essential to identify spaces for own benefit of integration between countries. “Integration must be based on cost / effectiveness of the initiatives. It is important to build trust in order to advance the integration processes", explained the Executive Secretary of Olade.

Moreover, he added that there are great opportunities for integration in what refers primarily to the fuel of the energy transition, which is natural gas. “It is important to have a clear, reliable and transparent framework to facilitate investments in the energy sector”.

Within the framework of the activities carried out by the Institute of the Americas, on July 24, 2019, together with Olade, the Strategic Board on Distributed Generation (DG) was organized in Ecuador: Options for the Sustainable Development of Markets. This space was organized with the purpose of having an open dialogue with experts on the subject and members of the Ecuadorian Government on pragmatic options for the sustainable development of DG markets in Ecuador.


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