• OLADE participated in the Inter-Secretariat Meeting of the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI)

    OLADE, jointly with organizations associated with the Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI), met on 29 June 2017 at the Inter-Secretariat Meeting, which took place in New York at the United Nations Secretariat building. OLADE's participation in this initiative and its presence at the event helped to deepen the links

  • OLADE was present at the Hydrocarbons Directors Meeting of SICA

    Last June 27, 2017, in Panama City it was held the meeting of experts of the Hydrocarbons Cooperation Committee of the SICA countries (CCHAC) within the framework of the SICA Pro Tempore Presidency of Costa Rica. The meeting was attended by the Directors of Hydrocarbons of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicar

  • OLADE participated in the formation of the Interagency Group on Gender and Energy Statistics (GIEGE)

    OLADE participated in Mexico City on June 16, 2017, during a meeting where the formation of the Interagency Group on Gender and Energy Statistics (GIEGE) was promoted, with the intention of continuing to support the generation of indicators which measure the access and consumption of differentiated energy by men and women i

  • Andrés Schuschny is the new Director of Studies and Projects of OLADE

    Since June 2017, the new Director of Studies and Projects of the Permanent Secretariat, Andrés Ricardo Schuschny joined the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE). He replaced Jorge Asturias, a former official who remained for 6 years in office. OLADE thanks the outgoing Director for the work carried out, who will cont

  • OLADE enters into new agreements with the academic community

    In June 2017, OLADE achieved important actions that fulfilled the purpose and commitment of the Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, in order to strengthen ties with the academic sector of the Region. On this occasion, three agreements were made in the framework of inter-institutional cooperation with the following universi

  • The XLVIII Council of Experts was held in Quito, Ecuador

    About 20 Representatives of the OLADE Member Countries met on June 20 and 21, 2017 at the XLVIII Council of Experts, which was helt at the headquarters of the Organization in Quito, Ecuador. The XLVIII Council of Experts, in its capacity as the preparatory committee for the Meeting of Ministers, considered important draf

  • OLADE presented its Energy Planning Manual for Latin America and the Caribbean

    On June 19, 2017, the Regional Energy Planning Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean was held at the headquarters of the Latin American Energy Organization-OLADE in Quito-Ecuador.   The meeting was attended by 23 delegations representing the Member Countries, and for the first time representatives of Caribbean coun

  • The United States Government announces its withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord

    The announcement was made this Thursday under the statement of “protecting the United States and its citizens against a draconian international deal”. The withdrawal will follow the process established in the agreement, which could take up to four years to complete. Within the announcement, he also mentioned that “we

  • OLADE formally receives the building of the Headquarters of the Organization in Ecuador

    The Ecuadorian Government, through the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and the Petro Ecuador Public Oil Company, handed over to OLADE, the building where the Organization has remained for the last 33 years, in a definitive manner, through an event that took place the morning of Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The event was held this m

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