The Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE, is the legal owner of the platforms and tools of the Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Information System (SIEL, SIEE), SAME, SUPER, OLADE APP, Energy Statistics Report and other electronic publications that are part of its intellectual heritage.

OLADE's ownership includes content, programming, organization and classification of statistics; and the design of its brands, logos, tools, electronic publications, which are fully protected by the corresponding copyright.

OLADE, in compliance with the objective set out in the Lima Agreement, with regard to "Foster, among the Member States, technical cooperation and exchange and dissemination of scientific, juridical and contractual information, and to facilitate the development and transfer of technology in energy-related activities "; it makes freely available to the general public, all its pool of statistical, legal, economic and forecasting information, including electronic publications.


The completion of the corresponding user registration and access to OLADE's IT platforms implies unreserved acceptance of the current Use's general terms and conditions that the authorized USER states to fully understand, agreeing not to use the website, its engineering, design and information for conducting not allowed activities or contrary to the information and research purposes allowed by OLADE, respecting at all times, these general conditions.

The conditions of access and use of OLADE's platforms and tools is strictly governed by International Treaties regulating this matter as well as by the legality and good faith, based on the main principles of International Law of which the authorized USER undertakes to make proper use of software and content; hence there are banned all acts that violate the law, rights or interests of OLADE and its Member Countries such as the right to data protection, intellectual property, etc.


In order to guarantee the protection and proper use of the information, stored and classified in computer platforms OLADE, provided by the Member Countries, the Organization so expressly prohibits the user to perform the following actions:

  • a) Re-adaptation, processing, storage in any other system or technology created or to be created regarding any of its contents and / or protected elements without prior authorization from OLADE.

  • b) Transfer of website or its components, including programming codes, either onerously or free of charge.

  • c) Reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, modifying or creating derivative systems.

  • d) Sale, rental, duplication, and use of resources for private, personal, recreational, commercial, advertising or other purposes that are not strictly related to OLADE's activities.

  • e) Removal or concealment of copyright, logos, trademarks or other information or legend related to the property and rights of OLADE, its Member Countries, sponsors, donors or other information providers.

  • f) Distribution by any means, retransmit or transfer, onerously or free of charge, without the expressly prior formal authorization of OLADE.

  • g) Exploring of administrators or users' passwords, or any attempt to find and use security flaws in OLADE's computer systems to access unauthorized skills and / or attacks on computer platforms of the Organization.

  • h) Publication, citation or reference information without citing OLADE as an official source of the data.

  • i) Any contrary or excessive use of the information and research services for which the account was authorized.


The user is exclusively and directly responsible for the use they make of the services and resources offered. OLADE has enough tools and procedures to analyze the browsing history of users. Therefore, before the evidence of any violation of the provisions set out in this document, OLADE may discontinue the access to certain user to the system, without prejudice to the formulation of corresponding administrative, civil or criminal proceedings that may be applicable as appropriate.

The users are compelled to immediately notify to OLADE, about any detected evidence of unauthorized use of the system or any other breach of security, using the means provided for this purpose.

Any use of OLADE's systems and information tools with unauthorized purposes or different to those it was created for, it will be considered a misuse thereof. In this sense, and for safety and operability reasons, OLADE can monitor the use of these resources in order to verify compliance with these provisions and other as applicable, and it may ordinarily monitor and record the user’s accounts activity. OLADE may discontinue at any time, the access to its websites, if it detects a use contrary to the law, the good faith or the current general conditions, without prejudice to the administrative and legal actions.


It is noted that the contents of OLADE's platforms and tools have been obtained officially by the National Coordination of the Member Countries. Thus OLADE at the request and / or inquiry of the official responsible in the Member Countries reserves the right to modify at any time the contents on its platforms and computer tools.

Systemized statistical, legal or forecasting information in OLADE's computer platforms constitute official information provided by the Member Countries of the Organization, so the information may vary upon their request or provision; therefore the user is required to cite the source and the date of the information obtained in order to use this data as a news report, information or research purposes.

OLADE expressly stated that the data stored in its information systems do not constitute professional advice of any kind. Therefore it accepts no liability whatsoever for the decisions made on the basis of the information posted on it web sites.


The USER should be responsible in any case, for the veracity of the personal data provided to OLADE for registration as an authorized user to the computer platforms of the Organization. Also, the USER authorizes the proper use thereof for accurate provision of IT services; to carry out statistical studies on access to data, to design improvements in the services provided; to manage basic administrative tasks, and to keep the USER informed about new products and services related to IT platforms of the Organization. In this regard, OLADE is committed to preserving and providing appropriate confidentiality of the personal information provided in the user's registration link.


The USER acknowledges that he/she is not acquiring any intellectual property or rights over the system's engineering, neither over the information obtained or downloaded from OLADE's databases.

Additionally, the USER acknowledges that in order to use or refer to the data contained in the computer platforms, the publications, research studies or other information means recorded in the system, the USER must quote OLADE as a source of information.


This document is a formal agreement between OLADE and the authorized USER to access to one, several or all of its computer systems, that generate liabilities and obligations whose violation will entail appropriate administrative, civil or criminal action as appropriate.

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