Energy and Access

It is estimated that in this 21 Century, "1,400 million people lack access to modern energy, while 3.000 million depend on" traditional biomass "and coal as the main energy sources" (UN).  That is, over 42% of the world population (close to 7,000 million in 2012).

This deficit is higher in developing regions and countries, although it is estimated that "40 million people lack access to modern electricity services" (IDB) in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a population close to 600 million inhabitants.  It is estimated that the use of biomass (firewood and charcoal) for cooking food is around 40% of the total, in some countries represent more than 60%.

The use of coal, oil and natural gas, as if it were an infinite resource, not only accelerates the industrial revolution, but it rises energy prices that deepen energy poverty and pose new challenges around social inclusion in the  of energy development models.