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Intelligent control for wind energy conversion systems. Wind Engineering.

Chedid, R.. Mrad, F.. Basma, M.;

Design calculations for electric lighting in real interiors. J-0427. Journal of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Carter, D.J.. Leung, A.S.M.. Lupton, M.J..;

Estudio de clasificación de proyectos hidroeléctricos.

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Agence Canadienne de Developpement International.;

Effects of lighting, zoning, and control strategies on energy use in commercial buildings. J. Journal of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Mahdavi, A. [et. al.].;

Solar electric house : energy for the environmentally-responsive, energy-independent home.

Strong, Steven J. Scheller, William G.;

Cracker style : contemporary efficiency with historic Florida flare.

Florida Solar Energy Center. Florida Governor's Energy Office.; Wagner, William. Haase, Ronald. Hall, John.;

Prefeasibility study of coal use in Costa Rica.

Bechtel National.;

Energy economy and conservation through better design and management of industrial plant. Electrical India.

Gupta, P. Das.;

Proceedings of the 7th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 1985. Design of Ohaaki power station separated water reinjection pumping system. New Zealand Geothermal Workshop [7, 6-8 Nov. 1985, New Zealand].

Brown, Duncan.;

Proceedings of right light bright light 1st european conference on energy-efficiencyefficient lightning. Measured energy savings and cost-effectiveness of the lightning retrofit at Vattenfall`s Office in Racksta, Stockholm : an evaluation after one year. European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting [1, 29-30 May. 1991, Stockholm].

Hedenstrom, Claes. Hedstrom, Lars. Ottosson, Allan.;

Annual Review of Energy. Efficiency improvements in space heating by gas and oil.

Macriss, Robert A.;

Effect of process integration on the reduction of fuel consumption. Applied Energy.

Saeed, A.E.. Blakemore, F.B.. Doulah, M.S.;

CRC handbook of energy efficiency. Cogeneration.

Kreith, Frank, ed. West, Ronald E., ed.; Caton, Jerald A.. Turner, W. Dan.;

New computerided tools for building desing in different climates. International Journal for Ambient Energy.

Gadi, M. B..;

Las estructuras eléctricas de transmisión como arte paisajista. Gerencia Ambiental

Nieminen, Kal; Tapani, O.;

Mini hydro power stations : a manual for decision makers. UNIDO/IS.

Naciones Unidas. Industrial Development Organisation. OLADE.;

Proceedings.. Westinghouse program overview. Fuel Cell's 97 [26-28 Ag., 1997, Pittsburgh].

Geoge, R..; Estados Unidos. Depto. of Energy. Federal Energy Technology Center..;

Proceedings. Development of HVAC system performance criteria using factorial design and DOE-2 simulation. Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid climates [10, 13-14 may 1996, Texas].

Hou, Deyang.; Texas Building Energy Institute ... [et al.].;

Energy efficiency laws in Latin America and the Caribbean. A look and analysis of the legislative progress of the region.View Record
Vulnerabilidad al cambio climático y medidas de adaptación de los sistemas hidroeléctrico en los Países Andinos.View Record
Evaluación de escenarios para la formulación de la estrategia energética sustentable SICA 2030.View Record
Nuevo paradigma de los sistemas eléctricos. Generación distribuida y microrredes eléctricas. Un vínculo de accesibilidad a la electricidad en América Latina y el Caribe. En: ENERLAC. Revista de energía de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Año 2019. View Record
Compared legal analysis of illegal oil bunkering in Mexico, Colombia and Nigeria. En: ENERLAC. Revista de energía de Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Año 2019. View Record
Código de Instalaciones Eléctricas de NicaraguaView Record
Apuntes para un manual técnico de diseño, estandarización y fabricación de equipos para pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas. Turbinas Michell - BankiView Record
Economía ambiental : una introducción.View Record
Informe de estadísticas energéticas = Energy statistics report 2012View Record
Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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