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Intelligent control for wind energy conversion systems. Wind Engineering.

Chedid, R.. Mrad, F.. Basma, M.;

Design calculations for electric lighting in real interiors. J-0427. Journal of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Carter, D.J.. Leung, A.S.M.. Lupton, M.J..;

Estudio de clasificación de proyectos hidroeléctricos.

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Agence Canadienne de Developpement International.;

Effects of lighting, zoning, and control strategies on energy use in commercial buildings. J. Journal of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Mahdavi, A. [et. al.].;

Solar electric house : energy for the environmentally-responsive, energy-independent home.

Strong, Steven J. Scheller, William G.;

Cracker style : contemporary efficiency with historic Florida flare.

Florida Solar Energy Center. Florida Governor's Energy Office.; Wagner, William. Haase, Ronald. Hall, John.;

Prefeasibility study of coal use in Costa Rica.

Bechtel National.;

Energy economy and conservation through better design and management of industrial plant. Electrical India.

Gupta, P. Das.;

Proceedings of the 7th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 1985. Design of Ohaaki power station separated water reinjection pumping system. New Zealand Geothermal Workshop [7, 6-8 Nov. 1985, New Zealand].

Brown, Duncan.;

Proceedings of right light bright light 1st european conference on energy-efficiencyefficient lightning. Measured energy savings and cost-effectiveness of the lightning retrofit at Vattenfall`s Office in Racksta, Stockholm : an evaluation after one year. European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting [1, 29-30 May. 1991, Stockholm].

Hedenstrom, Claes. Hedstrom, Lars. Ottosson, Allan.;

Annual Review of Energy. Efficiency improvements in space heating by gas and oil.

Macriss, Robert A.;

Effect of process integration on the reduction of fuel consumption. Applied Energy.

Saeed, A.E.. Blakemore, F.B.. Doulah, M.S.;

CRC handbook of energy efficiency. Cogeneration.

Kreith, Frank, ed. West, Ronald E., ed.; Caton, Jerald A.. Turner, W. Dan.;

New computerided tools for building desing in different climates. International Journal for Ambient Energy.

Gadi, M. B..;

Las estructuras eléctricas de transmisión como arte paisajista. Gerencia Ambiental

Nieminen, Kal; Tapani, O.;

Mini hydro power stations : a manual for decision makers. UNIDO/IS.

Naciones Unidas. Industrial Development Organisation. OLADE.;

Proceedings.. Westinghouse program overview. Fuel Cell's 97 [26-28 Ag., 1997, Pittsburgh].

Geoge, R..; Estados Unidos. Depto. of Energy. Federal Energy Technology Center..;

Proceedings. Development of HVAC system performance criteria using factorial design and DOE-2 simulation. Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid climates [10, 13-14 may 1996, Texas].

Hou, Deyang.; Texas Building Energy Institute ... [et al.].;

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Anuario Estadístico de América Latina y el Caribe 2008 = Statistical Yearbook of Latin America and the Caribbean 2008View Record
Código de Instalaciones Eléctricas de NicaraguaView Record
Apuntes para un manual técnico de diseño, estandarización y fabricación de equipos para pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas. Turbinas Michell - BankiView Record
Economía ambiental : una introducción.View Record
Informe de estadísticas energéticas = Energy statistics report 2012View Record
Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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