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First Monitoring Report Energy of the future. Summary


With its Energy Concept of September 2010 and its energy policy decisions taken in June 2011, the German government set itself the goal of making Germany one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sound economies in the world while maintaining competitive energy prices and a high level of prosperity. There is huge international interest in Germany’s Energiewende – the transformation of its energy system – especially in Europe. The monitoring report shows that the German government has already made good progress in implementing this transformation. Transforming the energy system is a major challenge, but it also opens up a number of opportunities. The Energiewende has ambitious goals and covers a broad cross section of policies. It breaks new ground in many areas. This is why it is important to monitor this development continuously and closely. To this end, the German government established the monitoring process “Energy of the future” in autumn 2011. This process regularly reviews implementation of the measures contained in the Energy Concept and progress towards goal achievement. It is a long-term process. An annual monitoring report outlines the facts and status of implementation of measures. This first report takes stock of implementation to date.

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