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The Energy of the Future: Fourth “Energy Transition” Monitoring Report – Summary


The Energy for the Future monitoring process reviews the energy transition on an ongoing and systematic basis: Where do we stand, and what are the next steps? The focus is on three monitoring tasks: Overview: The monitoring process provides a fact-based overview of the current status of progress with regard to implementation of the energy reforms. It condenses the reams of statistical information on energy that have been collected into a smaller, more manageable number of selected indicators. Evaluation: Ongoing reports analyse whether the targets set out in the Federal Government’s Energy Concept are being met and what effect the measures are having. In areas where the targets are likely to be missed, measures are proposed to enable these targets to be met. Outlook: The monitoring process also looks ahead to the next few years. To this end, the Federal Government produces summary progress reports every three years, presenting likely developments and deriving recommendations for action. The Fourth Monitoring Report documents the status of the energy transition in 2014. At the heart of the monitoring process for the energy transition is the Monitoring Report, which provides new facts and figures about the energy transition.

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