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Sustainability and Due Diligence Guidelines



The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) has produced these guidelines to promote greater consideration of the environmental, social and economic aspects in the sustainability assessment of new wind projects. The guidelines are also relevant to the management and operation of existing wind power schemes. Thorough sustainability assessments should ensure that detrimental social and environmental impacts are avoided, mitigated or compensated. Of necessity, the principles articulated in these guidelines are generic since each project will have its own unique set of circumstances influenced by scale, geographic location, and social, legal and political environs. Issues of commercial sensitivities and public disclosure requirements will differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as determined by the legislation and standards applicable to each country. The guidelines will need to be adapted to the specific context of each particular project in both developed and developing countries. For example, sustainability considerations should be more readily determined and easily addressed for small projects. The principles outlined in this document span the following six elements. Supporting comment provides further guidance where necessary: • WWEA Policy • The role of governments and regulatory frameworks • Options evaluation and risk assessment • Managing environmental outcomes • Managing social outcomes • Managing economic outcomes The principles have been drafted to assist policy makers, regulators, wind power developers and operators with the evaluation and management of often competing environmental, social and economic issues that arise in the assessment, operation and management of wind power projects. [Purpose of the Guidelines]

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