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Sustainable biofuel production and use options for greener fuels



In this brochure, WISIONS focuses on sustainable biofuel production and use. WISIONS presents successfully implemented projects from Ghana, India, Austria and Indonesia, with the intention of further promoting the particular approaches used by these projects. Using a key number of internationally accepted criteria, the main consideration for the selection of the projects was energy and resource efficiency, but social aspects were also of relevance. The assessment of the projects also included the consideration of regional factors acknowledging different needs and potentials. All projects that fulfilled WISIONS application criteria were independently reviewed, and four of them, with the potential to make a significant impact on global energy and resource efficiency, are published in the following pages. WISIONS is pleased to present good practice examples from ambitious projects which have been successfully implemented on different continents. All of these projects are appropriate within their local context and have been developed to a level which meets WISIONS selection criteria. Although uniquely designed for a particular setting and problem, the projects presented can be adapted to different situations or can provide valuable information from their implementation phase. Links to the illustrated good practice examples shown in the brochure, as well as a couple of other issue-related good practice projects, are available on www.wisions.net. The selected projects are not intended to represent the only possible courses of action to take in the area of sustainable biofuel production and use but they do demonstrate promising approaches. [Extracto, p. 3]

WISIONS of Sustainability

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