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The Millennium Development Goals Report 2008



This report presents an assessment of progress, based on data available as of June 20083 on all official MDG indicators, including the new ones introduced. The aggregate figures in the report provide an overall assessment of regional progress under the eight goals and are a convenient way to track advances over time. However, the situation in individual countries within a given region may vary significantly from the regional figures. The baseline for the assessment is 1990, but data for 2000 are also presented, whenever possible, to provide a more detailed picture of progress since the Declaration was signed. This analysis is based on regional and subregional figures compiled by the United Nations Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators. In general, the figures are weighted averages of country data, using the population of reference as a weight. To ensure comparability across countries and regions, the data are those used by international agencies within their area of expertise (see inside front cover for a list of the contributing organizations). For each indicator, individual agencies were designated to be the official providers of data and to take the lead in developing methodologies for data collection and analysis. [Extractos, p. 50]

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