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Overview of UNEP’s CDM Activities



UNEP, and its UNEP RISOE Centre in Denmark, has been on the forefront among development agencies implementing an array of CDM capacity and project development technical assistance activities. These technical assistance activities have been accompanied by the production of a number of CDM knowledge management tools. Fundamentally, the approach used by UNEP to design its global intervention strategy for provision of technical assistance in carbon finance is based on a continuous process of barrier analysis that UNEP conducts. This ensures that UNEP’s CDM technical assistance interventions are responsive to the ever-evolving carbon market. Methodologically, UNEP’s barrier analysis is based on analyzing the obstacles preventing the successful completion of each step of the CDM project cycle in host countries. Once these barriers are identified, UNEP designs and delivers customized solutions aiming at the removal or minimization of the identified barrier(s). The ultimate objective of UNEP’s role in the CDM market is to contribute to the creation of an investment climate in the host countries that is conducive for identification, development, approval and financing of CDM projects. UNEP’s efforts are specifically aimed at increasing the equitable regional distribution of CDM projects. This brochure presents an overview of UNEP’s CDM technical assistance and capacity building activities implemented during 2007 and a glimpse at what is planned for 2008. necessary for the assessment and approval of CDM projects. [Extracto: p. 2]

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