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Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009


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Global investment in sustainable energy reached $155 billion in 2008, a modest increase of 5% over 2007. Following several years of over 50% growth, this marks a dramatic slowdown as a result of the global economic downturn. There were some “green shoots” during the second quarter of 2009, but the sector has a long way to go this year to reach previous levels of investment. The drivers that have propelled investment in the sustainable energy sector for the past five years, however, are still at work – climate change, energy insecurity, fossil fuel depletion and new technologies. As well, political support remains strong, with an estimated $180 billion of fiscal stimulus committed to sustainable energy. While the $155 billion of investment in 2008 and $180 billion of government support in 2009 are impressive, investment needs to reach half a trillion dollars per annum by 2020 to help ensure a peak in greenhouse gas emissions. The report provides an overview of different types of capital flows and an analysis of the trends in sustainable energy investment activity in developed and developing countries. This information is intended to be a strategic tool for understanding the status of sustainable energy development and for weighing future public and private commitments to the sector. [Contracarátula]

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