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A Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Bioenergy: An Overview



This document is an overview of what is contained in a UN-Energy publication entitled “Sustainable Bioenergy Decision Support Tool (DST)”. Targeted to decision makers to assist them in developing robust bioenergy policy and strategy, it summarises key issues and approaches to provide an entry point to the full material collection, which provides further detail, includes case studies, a set of guiding questions and reference to existing tools. The full document is available through an interactive website. This document complements an earlier UN Energy publication Sustainable Bioenergy: A Framework for Decision Makers (2007), which outlines the key sustainability challenges and development opportunities for bioenergy in developing countries. It does not re-visit a discussion of all sustainability challenges but only provides further detail where appropriate and where additional information has come to the fore since the publication of the Framework. [Contracarátula]

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