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Effect of high efficiency lighting on power quality in public buildings. J-. IEEE.



The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is currently implementing a High Efficiency Lighting Program (HELP) in schools and public buildings within the State of New York. HELP focuses on the replacement of magnetic ballast flourescent light fixtures with the new the new high efficiency electronic ballast fixtures. The use of electronic ballast can have an adverse effect on power quality. To determinate the effecs that the electronic ballast have on the power quality of the buildings being retrofit, studies are being performed at three buildings scheduled for the retrofit program. Power quality measurements throughout the buildings are being made before, during, and after the lighting retrofits. The results will be analized and simulations performed to identify and predict power quality problems that might occur with these and future retrofits. The effect of electronic ballast on sensitive electronic devices is under investigation. Electronic ballast are attributed with causing interference in an hearing aid worn by a studet in a elementary school and interference with a book detector in a library. The effects are being studied to determine and understand the mechanism and recommended solutions to rectify the problems..

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