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Effect of process integration on the reduction of fuel consumption. Applied Energy.



From the process desing, demand for utlities can be estimated. The utility systems is then designed with respect to process desing. Energy-integrated process desing can be introduced at this stage to seek the desing that requires to minimum energy, and the corresponding levels at witch the utility should enter the process can also be determinated. The interaction between process desing and the utility system is a further step of energy integration. This step is usually considered after the process desing is energy-integrated and targets for minimum hot and cold utilities identified. When hot and cold utilities are specified, it is possible to deal with these utilities as normal process streams to be presented on a grid diagram withthe rest of the process streams. The objetive of this simultaneous approach for the interaction between utilities and process desing is to assing the most efficient way for the utility to be introduced to the process. Consequently, the synthesis of the heat-exchanger network desing should become more effctive, there by resulting in a reduced demand for utility import..

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