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Annual review of energy and the environment. Costs of limiting fossil-fuel CO2 emissions : a survey and analysis.




MODELING AND COSTING DEFINITIONS AND PARADIGMS. ABATEMENT TECHNOLOGIES AND TECHNOLOGY COST CURVES. Technology cost-curve results. Limitations and interpretation. REVI0W OF SYSTEMS-WIDE ABATEMENT COST ESTIMATES. Global studies. Abatement costing studies for the United States. non-US OECD studies. The transitional economies. Developing countries including China. MODEL SCOPE AND TYPE. Top-down and bottom-up models. Time horizons and adjustment process: short-term transitional versus long-term equilibrium. Sectoral coverage: energy versus general economy. Optimization and simulation techniques. Level of aggregation. Geographic coverage, trade and leakage. Modelling classificatios: a resume. NUMERICAL ASSUMPTIONS AND SENSITIVITIES. Population and GNP growth rates. Energy/GNP relationships and the AEEI. Future energy prices, resource modelling, and supply elasticities. Price/substitution elasticity of demand for energy. Technology development and costs. Energy sector impact on GNP. Interfuel substition elasticities. KEY DETERMINATS: TECHNOLOGICAL VS ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES. Baseline energy demand and the AEEI. Regulatory instruments and the energy-efficiency gap. Technology assumptions and modelling. KEY DETERMINANTS: ABATEMENT STRATEGIES AND SCOPE OF ANALYSIS. Subsidies, tax forms, and the use of tax revenues. scope of abatement, trade and leakage. Rate and pattern of emissions abatement. Externalities and multicriteria assessment.

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