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Nada chulha : a handbook.



THE NADA CHULHA, WOMEN AND COOKING. Why an improved chulha?. Tha Nada Chulha system. When and where the Nada Chulha can be used?. Where the Nada Chulha should not be used?. HOW TO RUN A CHULHA PROGRAMME. The need for a programme. Hystory of the improved chulha in India. Reasons for past failures. Elements of a successful method for spreading the Chulha. HOW FUEL BURNS AND HOW THE CHULHA WORKS. What is a Chulha. Biomass fuels. How wood (and other biomass) burns. How heat moves. The open fire. Traditinal Chulhas. Design components of the Nada Chulha. HOW TO BUILD THE IMPROVED NADA CHULHA. Tools and materials. Making gara and chaapris. Planning the Chulha. Building the Chulha step by step. Check list after finishing the Chulha. CHAAPRI LAYOUTS FOR DIFFERENT CHULHA. General guidelines. Two holed Chulha-solid construction. Two holed Chulha-hollow construction. Two holed Chulha with hara. Three holed Chulha with one tunnel. Three holed Chulha with two tunnels. Miscellaneous. HOW TO USE AND MAINTAIN THE NADA CHULHA. Daily use. Use of chimney damper. Use of front dampers. In between or after cooking. Cooking to save fuel and time. Roasting large rotis. Occasional cooking with large utensils. Occasional use of extra small pot. Warming and heating during winter. Cleaning the cimney. Chimneys and fire hazard. Regular maintenance and Chulha durability. Doing small repairs. COMMON PROBLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS. Incomplete smoke removal. Low heat in first hole and/or too much fuel consumption. Slow cooking in second hole. APPENDIX: A TRAINING COURSE FOR CHULHA MISTRIS.

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