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Introduction to energy and the environment.




OVERVIEW. Ecosystem. Energy. The environment. RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES. Definition of renewable resources. Renewable resources in the environment. Renewable energy. FORMATION OF FOSSIL FUELS. Natural fossil fuels. Synthetic fossil fuels. COMBUSTION OF FOSSIL FUELS. NOx formation. Boiler NOx reduction. Internal combustion engine emission control. TOXIC WASTE MANAGEMENT. Persistence and toxicity of pollutants. Environmental impacts and governmental responses. Toxic waste disposal technology. Developing toxic waste control technology. Sources of toxic pollutants in the coastal region of Southern California. RECYCLING OF TOXIC WASTE. Introduction. Reprocessing and emission control. Nonrecyclable waste. WASTE HEAT MANAGEMENT. Sources of waste heat. Waste heat dispersal methods. Environmental impacts of various cooling techniques. Cogeneration. SPILLAGE AND LEAKAGE. Oil spills. Underground storage tank leakage. PETROLEUM REFINING OPERATION. Introduction. Primary operations. Secondary operations. NUCLEAR ENERGY. Nuclear power fundamentals. Nuclear power systems. Nuclear power health effects. Radioactive waste management and disposal. MAJOR ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Alternative fuels. Fuel cells. Superconductors. APPENDIX A: CONTROL OF PARTICULATE EMISSION. APPENDIX B: CONTROL OF GASEOUS EMISSION.

Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía. Secretaría de Planificación del Sub-Sector Energía - Centro de Información de Energía y Ambiente, CIENA

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