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Methane and nitrous oxide : methods in national emissions inventories and options for control. Proceedings of International IPCC Workshop [3-5 Feb. 1993, Netherlands].




METHANE. Methane emissions into the atmosphere,an overview. Transparency of national inventories of greenhouse gases. Guidelines of national emission inventories. Methane emissions from oil and gas. Methane emissions from coal mining. Methane emissions from livestock. Methane from livestock manure. Methane from landfills and open dumps. Methane from waste water treatment and septic sewage systems. Methane from combustion and industrial processes. Methane from rice production. Methane emissions from natural wetlands. Methane from biomass burning. Options for reducing methane emissions. Results for working groups: Methane. NITROUS OXIDE. The global source distribution of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils. Nitrous oxide emissions from combustion. Nitrous oxide emissions from industrial processes. Results from working groups: Nitrous oxide. FUTURE. Policy options for reducing the emissions. POSTER CONTRIBUTIONS. Methane emissions in the exploration and exploitation of petroleum and natural gas in the Netherlands. Structure and basic operational characteristics of a fibre-optics laser methanometric system. Measurements of methane release by productive dairy cows. Methane production and emission in storages for animal manure. Methane emissions from landfills in Italy. Methane from uncontrolled landfill in sites in India. The measurement of nitrous oxide emissions from sewage systems in Belgium. Emissions of methane and nitrous oxide from agricultural activities in Kenya. Methane in the rice fiels in China. Fertilizer use as a crucial factor for controlling methane emissions from Chinese rice paddies. Influence of rice cultivars on methane emissions from Italian rice and paddies. The methane flux from wetlands to the atmosphere. Distribution of methane emission from biomass burning in the Tropics. The emission of nitrous oxide upon wetting a rice soil following a dry season fallow. Methane emission estimate from Indian paddy fields. Energy technology options for integrated reduction of greenhouse gases.

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