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Using concensus building to improve utility regulation.




CAN CONSENSUS-BUILDING PROCESSES IMPROVE UTILITY REGULATION?. Issues in Consensus-Building Processes. Applying Consensus Building to Other Regulatory Areas. THE DECLINE OF CONSENSUS IN ELECTRIC UTILITY REGULATION. The Birth of Electric Utility Regulation. The Era of Implied Consent. The End of Cosensus. Interventionism. Problems with Interventionism. Current Controversies in Electric Utility Regulation. INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY, PRACTICE AND EVALUATION OF CONSENSUS BUILDING IN ELECTRIC UTILITY REGULATION. Toward a New Negotiation Paradigm: Getting to Yes. How Principled Negociation Has Been Applied to Consensus Building in Electric Utility Regulation. The Practice of Consensus Building in Electric Utility Regulation. Evaluating the Success of Consensus-Building Processes. Toward a Workable Evaluative Model. ADJUDICATION. Adjudication Defined. Rise of PUC Adjudication. Shortcomings. The Role of Settlement. Expanding and Formalizing Consensus Building. Introduction to the Case Studies. The Pilgrim Settlement. Background. Pilgrim Cases Before the DPU. The Settlement. DPU Approval. The Postsettlement Era. Evaluating the Success of the Pilgrim Settlement. DSM Collaboratives in Massachusetts. Background. Formation and Approval of the DSM Collaboratives. Phase I. Phase II. Phase III. Ongoing Collaboratives. Evaluating the Success of DSM Collaboratives in Massachusetts. RULEMAKING. Differentiating Agency Rulemaking From Adjudication. The Evolution of Agency Rulemaking at the Federal Level. Alternative Rulemaking Procedures. State PUC Rulemaking. Introduction to the Case Studies. IRM Rulemaking in Massachusetts. Background. The Traditional Process(Formation of Preapproval Rules). The IRM Rulemaking Process. The IRM Proposal. The Decesion to the Use Technical Sessions. The Technical Sessions. Substantive Results of the Technical Sessions. Formal Rulemaking Process and Final Rules. Evaluating the Success of the IRM Rulemaking Process. The New Jersey Bidding Settlement. Background. Settlement Process. The Settlement. Postsettlement Process. Implementation Experience. Future Revisions. Evaluating the Success of the New Jersey Bidding Settlement. IMPROVING ELECTRIC UTILITY REGULATION: CULTIVATING CONSENSUS. Challenges Facing Society on Electricity Issues. Shortcomings of Current Regulatory Approaches:Interventionism Revisted. Benefits of Supplemental Consensus-Building Processes. Cultivating Consensus. Principles For Designing Consensus-Building Processes to Improve Electric Utility Regulation.

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