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Combating global warming. Combating global warming : possible rules, regulations and administrative arrangements for a global market in CO2 emissions entitlements. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development [Ginebra].



DEFINING THE EVOLUTIONARY STAGES. Joint implementation stage. Initial entitlement stage. Culmination stage. THE CERTIFICATION FUNCTION. Role of certification. Certification authority. Certifying allocated entitlements. Certifying created entitlements. Burden of proof. Certification and programme evolution. MONITORING. Monitoring requirements for the different stages. Background. Roles for different actors. ENFORCEMENT. Enforcement requirements for the different stages. Background. Roles for different actors. EPILOGUE: KEY CHALLENGES. MODEL RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR A GLOBAL CO2 EMISSIONS CREDIT MARKET. POTENTIAL FOR MARKET SUCCESS OR FAILURE. Cost/benefit analysis of organized markets. Case-studies in market architecture. Lessons from emerging SO2 allowance market. Implications for market development of tradeable CO2 emission credits. DESCRIPTION OF CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE MARKET-PLACES FOR CO2 EMISSION CREDITS. Open-outcry exchanges. The clearing-house mechanism. The electronic market-place. EPA annual auction and third-market forums. Third-market forums: SO2 emission allowance trading systems. DEFINING TRADEABLE CO2 EMISSION CREDITS. Developing spot, forward and futures markets. Recommendations for global CO2 emissions credit markets. Review of recommended trading forums(s). PROPOSED OVERSIGHT AND GOVERNANCE OF TRADING. Oversight and governance. Illustrative transactions..

Contiene: I. parte: Possible administrative structure and procedures. II. Parte: Model rules and regulations for a global CO2 emissions credit market

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