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Detecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide. DOE/ER.



Gates, Lawrence W.; MacCracken, Michael C. The challenge of detecting climate change induced by increasing carbon dioxide. Kiehl, Jeffrey T. Searching for the radiative signal of increasing carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Bradley, Raymond S.; Jones, P.D. Data bases for isolating the effects of the increasing carbon dioxide concentration. Wigley, T.M.L.; Angell, James K.; Jones, P.D. Analysis of the temperature record. Barnett, Tim P. On long-term climate change in observed physical properties of the oceans. Barry, Roger G. The cryosphere and climatic change. Barnett, Tim P. Long-term changes in precipitation paterns. MacCracken, Michael C.; Kukla, George J. Detecting the climatic effects of carbon dioxide : volume summary. Wigley, T.M.L. Kukla, George J., Kelly, P.M. Recommendations for monitoring and analysis to detect climate change induced by increasing carbon dioxide. Glossary. Citation index. subject index.

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