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Energy for the people : a dossier on woodfuel in the developing world.



THE PEOPLE'S FUEL. WOODFUEL: A VANISHIN RESOURCE. Woodfuel in Tongatapu. Changes in Seloto. Woodfuel and deforestation in the Sahel. WOODFUEL AND THE RURAL HOUSEHOLD. Who says people don't know how to grow trees?. Scarcity amidst plenty: changing men's attitudes towards woodfuel. Trees, cotton, and cattle in Shinyanga. Asking the right questions. WOODFUEL IN TOWNS: CONCENTRATING THE PROBLEM. Papyrus briquetting in Rwanda. Maputo: cooking under siege. The casamance klin. Liongwe's woodfuel in Nige: perfecting the marketing strategy. INDUSTRY: CREATOR OR DESTROYER OF FORESTS?. Making the tobacco industry self-sufficient. Beer in the rural economy. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE. Clear ideas and efficient action. Finding out what people really want. Two visits to Msingi village. The PARCE project in Senegal. The role of NGOs: KENGO shows the way. Saving the Uzungwa forest: the woodfuel dilemma.

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