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Proceedings of the 6th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 1985. Subsurface stratigraphy and hydrothermal alteration of the eastern section of the Olkaria geothermal field, Kenya. New Zealand Geothermal Workshop [7-9 Nov. 1984, New Zealand].




Petrological examination of cuttings from well numbers 2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11,12 and 13 show that the rocks comprising the drilled eastern part of the Olkaria reservoir below about 150 m consist of subhorizontal intercalated rhyolite and basalt lavas plus occasional thin pyroclastic beds of similar compositions. Cuttings of microgabbro were also recovered from some wells; these probably derive from dykes or sills too thin to be other than local ephemeral heat sources. There is no evidence that faults with significant vertical displacement occur within the area drilled. Many of the cuttings, especially those deriving from below 550 m, show the effects of complete or partial fluid/rock interations which have produced a suite of hydrothermal minerals including quartz, hematite, albite, adularia, chlorite, illite, pyrite, and calcium bearing phases such as calcite, montmorillonite, wairakite, epidote, sphene, fluorite, mordenite, prehnite, and anhydrite. The identity and distribution of the minerals have been used to reach the following conclusions about pre-drilling conditions prevailing in the Olkaria reservoir... (Ver documento).

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