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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Strategies of solar energy applications in developping countries. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].


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The peoples of the developing countries consisting mainly of rural population require the basic needs of life to be provided with. The sun and sun-based sources of energy with well planned and adequate technological developments, when applied judiciously, can contribute substantially towards meeting such needs. The strategies, therefore, required to be adopted should comprise of (a) socio-economically, -relating the uses of such energy sources for basic needs of life (b) technologically, -developmental investigations of collection, and storage, and efficient conversion of these sources, and of materials of construction (c) organisationally, -setting up to national commissions of solar energy. Consistent with those stated above, a plan of action is presented.. MAN, SURROUNDINGS AND ENERGY. Rural areas of the world. Energy distribution in different regions of the earth. Pre-technology problems of solar energy applications. BASIC NEEDS OF LIFE AND SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION TECHNOLOGIES. Technologies of solar energy conversion. DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AREAS. ORGANISATION STRATEGIS.

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