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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Thermal performance of the PKI Fresnel point focus concentrating dish solar collectors of the Yanbu freeze desalination pilot plant. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].


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The solar desalination pilot plan at Yanbu on the shore of the Red Sea employs CBI's indirect contact heat tranfer freeze process for desalting seawater. This is an unique experimental project under the Joint United States-Saudi Arabian Program for Cooperation in the field of Solar Energy. The project's main purpose is to establish the technical and economic feasibility of large scale solar-powered desalination of seawater. Solar energy required to operate the desalination system is collected by the PKI focusing collectors, and is turned into shaft power to produce compression refrigeration for freeze desalination. The ability of the system to make use of available energy to freeze seawater in an efficient manner makes it very attractive. The PKI collectors were initially tested at the DSET Laboratories to establish baseline performance. After installing them at Yanbu, data on the performance of the system have been collected for about eighteen months. The paper highlights some of the design features of the system, its performance characteristics, operating problems and the effect of the environment on the reflecting surface. The paper comments on the PKI collector's potential for an economical and mass producable design, which is required for the development of solar energy technology and simulating solar industries. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. PKI COLLECTOR DESCRIPTION. TESTING OF THE COLLECTORS AS A SUBSYSTEM OF THE PILOT PLANT AT YANBU. COMPARISON OF TEST RESULTS. Collector characteristics. DISCUSSION. Outboard adjusment. Shadowband tracking. Flux trap melting. SUMMARY. REFERENCES.

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