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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Thermal properties of gypsum boards with incorporated PCM capsules. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].


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Passive solar heating of houses by direct gain through south exposed windows has been recognized as a viable option for Canada if high thermal resistance glazing is used (RSI = 2). However it has been observed that those windows cause overheating during sunny days. One of the solutions suggested is to increase the thermal mass of rooms by incorporating a phase change material (PCM) in gypsum boards largely used for the interior covering of walls and ceilings. In phase I of the project a method for the encapsulation of a PCM (CaC12 6H2O) and incorporation of the capsules into gypsum boards has been developed. To perform a computer simulation of the behavior of gypsum boards with PCM thermal properties of boards must be known. The evaluation of the thermal capacity of boards and the measurement of the heat transfer coefficient between air and PCM have been done in phase II of the project. A procedure was developped for the measurements. Results have shown that the technique used for the measurement of thermal properties in reliable. The heat transfer coefficient between heated air and incorporated PCM is approximatively 2,0 W/m2K and it is not greatly influenced by the concentration of the capsules in the board. Simularions done using this result have shown that the concept is effective for reducing overheating. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS AND PROCEDURE. TEMPERATURE CURVES OBTAINED. HEAT CAPACITY MEASUREMENT. AIR-PCM HEAT TRANSFERCOEFFICIENT (Hap) MEASUREMENT. ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS. SIMULATION. FURTHER WORK. REFERENCES. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

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