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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Direct thermoelectric energy conversion and its application for the utilization of solar, ocean and low grade thermal energy. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].


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Thermoelectricity, in effect, constitutes one of several non-conventional methods of direct energy conversion, which also comprise thermionic, photovoltaic and magnetohydrodynamic energy conversion as well as fuel cells and thermonuclear fusion. Thermoelectric energy conversion possesses the particular advantage that energy conversion occurs in the solid state and, consequently, is silent and, practically, vibration, maintenance and pollution free. It has had the disadvantage that que efficiency of conversion is substantially lower than that of conventional reciprocating or rotary heat engines. The basic reason for this low efficiency is inherent in the physical properties of the materials selected for the manufacture of thermoelectric devices. In previous papers by this author, a material to be used in the manufacture of novel highly efficient thermoelectric energy conversion devices is specified. Said material essentially represents a new concept in thermoelectric energy conversion, since it comprises, in fact, a particular combination of elements, selected from the Periodic Table, having unique properties, such as forbidden energy band gap, melting temperature and, most importantly, thermoelectric figure of merit Z. Recently, there has been increasing evidence that this, most probably, is the only combination, selected from the Periodic Table of the Elements, that yields such unique properties. (Para más información ver documento). ABSTRACT. OCEAN THERMAL ENERGY. NEW THERMOELECTRIC MATERIALS. SOLAR PONDS AND PHOTO-THERMO-ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS. REFERENCES.

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