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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Treatment of pig manure by anaerobic digestion in Catalonia energetic and depuration balance. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].




The generalitat of California and the Diputació of Barcelona, through their respective departments are carrying out a follow up of the digestion installations which treat liquid manure in order to evaluate the implantation of this tecnology; basically determining the perfomance problems and the energetic and depuration balances. The first results obtained in the pre-selection of the plantes have permitted to determine a range of problems such as defficiences in the pumping equipment, gas losses in the digestors and degradation in the gasometers. The maintenance of the plant reduces to the control of the gas productions and the loading rate as well as the digestor temperature, without physico-chemical control of residues and gas with the exception of one of the plants. Followups have been carried out in 4 (6 digestors) of the 5 selected installations (9 digestors) in a period of 210 days. The analitical results indicate a COD reduction of between 37 and 60. SUMMARY. , high levels of ammoniacal nitrogen between 2231 and 3300 ppm, almost total reduction of volatile acids except in the case of the acetic acid which has been of between 60 an 98. INTRODUCTION. . The methane content in the biogas is above 60. PROCEDURE. . The average production of biogas, in 1984 and 1985, has been of between 0.7 and 1.18 m3 biogas s/m3 digestor.day. The convenience of disposing greater information on working parameters, chemical composition of residues and energetic data indicate the need of continuing the followup in order to obtain more precise energetic and depuration balances. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. Analysis of anaerobic digestion installations - Design and performance problems. Analytical followup. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. REFERENCES.

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