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Proceedings right light 2nd european conference on energy-efficient lighting. Energy saving in lighting installation by the utilization of daylight. European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting [2, 26-29 Set. 1993, Arnhem].



A major research project is presently being carried out in Trondheim, Norway, in order to find quantitative measures for the energy saving potential in office building lighting installations when daylight is utilized for workplace illumination whenever possible. The project is performed as full scale monitoring studies, and consists of two separate phases. The first phase involves 10 office rooms in a 15 years old building, while in the second phase althogether 28 rooms in a new building are being equipped with monitoring instruments. In each room a specific combination of luminaires and lighting control system is installed, and a set of parameters concerning room climate, lighting conditions, presence of persons, and energy consumption are recorderd continously. In some cases in phase 2 also different daylighting systems to guiding daylight and sunlight into the interior of the rooms, are tested. The monitoring of phase 1 started in october 1992. The results so far indicate a substantial energy saving potential in the order of 30-40 percent in rooms facing south, and 20-30 percent in rooms facing north for this particular building.. SUMMARY. INTRODUCTION. SAVING POTENTIAL. CONTROL SYSTEMS. Control principles. Combined control. PILOT STUDIES. FULL SCALE MONITORING PROJECT. Luminaires. Control systems. Monitoring program. RESULTS. Energy saving potential based on daylight control. Energy saving potential based on occupancy control. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES.

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